Clears slurry tank blockages - FAST

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The "Lump Buster" is a device used to rapidly and effectively break up solid blockages in slurry tanks.
Over time, slurry solidifies into large blocks within tanks that cannot be broken with traditional agitation methods.

This Lump Buster is placed over the blockage and locked in place on the slats above the slurry tank. A water pipe is connected to the Lump Buster and a high flowrate of water is pumped through the Lump Buster where it is directed downwards through the slats at increased velocity. The Lump Buster acts as a very powerful and effective pressure washer that disintegrats the blockage effortlessly.

The Lump Buster is targeted at the agricultural contractors market. Many farmers have blocked slurry tanks which decreases the effective usable volume. By clearing the blockage as part of the normal tank emptying service, the contractor and farmer benefit enormously.

This invention is patented.

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